What is a backlink on a site?

A backlink is a created when a page or piece of content on one website is linked to another website.

In order to increase traffic and conversion, a website needs quality backlinks to improve the visibility of content on search engines. You see, a backlink is regarded as a sign of authority by Google and other search engines, while site visitors will consider this same link as a vote of confidence. More specifically, the extent of high quality backlinks to your website will determine how highly you might rank for important keywords and search queries that users type into these search engines.

But how can you get backlinks for your website?

You need quality blogs, videos and other content to increase the likelihood of backlinks. However, I also provide a service in which you can attain authentic and fully indexed backlinks for your website.

What are SEO backlinks examples?

A backlink is a link on another site that links back to your own website. As a rule, it does not matter if this link is leading to a particular page, post or piece of content – every backlink counts. For instance, another website can post a banner or image with your logo and these can be linked back to your website. Alternatively, another website might have a hyperlink or anchor text which, when clicked, will take the reader to a particular page or piece of content on your website. See what I did just now? I created a backlink to Wikipedia using the words “hyperlink” and “anchor text”. Anyway, you get the point, backlinks will enable readers of another website to locate your product or service.

The backlinks we use in the PBN.s, Wiki sites and Web 2.0’s will have a variety of backlinks, its good to mix it up a bit have a variety, make things look a s natural as possible. Google will recognize natural links and link building and they will definitely penalize you if your backlinks look automated, so take care and get it right.

What are backlinks in SEO and there importance?

Search engines use certain rules to determine the quality of any given website. In other words, the likes of Google will take various factors into account when ranking a website or content in search results. More specifically, great importance is always placed on backlinks that come from established and trusted websites that search engines recognize to be authorities in a particular field or topic.

Simply put, if you have a significant number of high quality backlinks, your website and content is more likely to rank higher than your competition. That is to say, when users use a search engine to find a particular product or service, they should see your website near the top of the search results.

It’s true, you can have outstanding content but without backlinks, fewer people will find you. But it can also take 9 – 10 weeks for these links to be indexed which is all the more reason to get started now.

Are backlinks still important in 2020?

Backlinks are not easy to build and this is especially true when it comes to creating authentic links that search engines will trust. For this reason, many website owners can feel frustrated or disillusioned and even put this process on the backburner completely. The truth is, backlinks are still just as important for website and Google recently stated that backlinking is still one of the top three factors for assessing any content. Are they important? Yes, you absolutely need them to succeed.

So get started by choosing how many done for you backlinks you require per month, we will then ask you for your url and the keywords, chose your keywords carefully, they must relate to the URL you submit. The time frame averages around 9 weeks to see a change in ranking or position in the search engines, Google like to see an organic, natural growth so the backlinks are drip fed over 7-9 days, be patient and see the results, here’s to your success. Once you have set up an account and paid, we will email you requesting your keywords and URL. Let us know if you prefer a one off order, we would be happy to accommodate you. DFY Backlinks.

Buy fresh backlinks for your website


  • 25 Backlinks
  • Option 1


  • 50 Backlinks
  • Option 2


  • 75 Backlinks
  • Option 3

Business plus

£100 /month
  • 100 Backlinks
  • Option 4

Monthly or one off?

We recommend you start building backlinks to your site, if you have low competition then the starter option 1, this would work well, Google will like the regular build up of links, they will flag you if there are long gaps between link building, that is the main reason we say you should commit to a monthly plan.

The alternative is ordering links as and when for now and then maybe later you can commit to a monthly plan as your budget allows. Email us for one off backlinks

We own a very extensive portfolio of PBN’s, web.2.0’s, plus wiki links, all very powerful, new sites are added every week, you will receive a full report once your new links are posted, and indexed.

If for any reason you need to contact us with a query please fill in the contact box, usually we respond within 48 hours. We are building a fantastic automated social signal platform coming soon, look out for that. Like a website upgrade? visit our other site www.kent-webservices.co.uk

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